The Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre, with its dedicated volunteers and staff, facilitate monthly meetings for survivors of the Holocaust and Rwandan Genocide. These meetings offer social and educational services for survivors and their families. More generally, they provide a friendly platform to meet, talk and exchange ideas on a regular basis.

Holocaust Survivor Group

Our Holocaust survivor group meets once a month, facilitated by dedicated staff and volunteers from the JHGC. It usually features a guest speaker, and tea is offered. If you’d like more information about the Holocaust survivor group, would like to be added to the mailing list, or have any suggestions or queries, please contact our incredible group organisers: or

Rwanda Survivor Group

The Rwanda Survivor Group’s main purpose is to enable survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide to meet and get to know one another, to feel strengthened and empowered as a group, and to revive hope for the future. Meetings take place several times a year, involving sharing personal stories, bring and share parties, commemorations, talks from guest speakers, giving and recording testimonies, and celebrations of Rwandan culture. We are also open to suggestions for activities, please contact: