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The Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre provides comprehensive education programmes for Grade 5-12 learners across Gauteng and neighbouring provinces, enhancing their study of Holocaust history as mandated by the National Curriculum. All programme topics relate to Human Rights awareness and draw on lessons from the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide, which specifically address the Grade 9 Social Science, as well as Grade 11 History and Life Orientation curricula and promote cross-curricular teaching opportunities more generally.

Our highly-experienced educators can either conduct these programmes at our centre, or at your school. We can also arrange for guest speakers to conduct school assemblies to mark particular events. The centre can accommodate up to 120 learners at one time, and is open every weekday for school programmes.

"It is scary to think that humans can do extreme things like kill other people because they are not 'the same' as us."
"We should learn to love people no matter what, so we can prevent history from repeating itself."
"I've learnt that wrong is wrong, and that we must speak up and take action when we see injustices."

Our programmes have all been specifically developed to teach about the consequences of prejudice, racism and discrimination, and to promote an understanding of the dangers of indifference, apathy and silence. Programmes are flexible and we can adapt the content and times scheduled for sessions to fit in with the particular needs of each school. Programmes vary, but are generally between 1 to 4 hours long.

We do not charge for our learner programmes, but respectfully ask for donations to help us with furthering our education initiatives. If you would like us to tailor-make a programme for your school contact: or call +27-11-640-3100.