As part of the South African Holocaust & Genocide Foundation, the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre is involved with educator training on a national and a local level. A major part of our work is training and supporting educators to teach Holocaust history as part of the National Curriculum. Our workshops provide a broad understanding of the Holocaust, as well as methodological support for teaching Holocaust history in Grades 9 and 11, as is mandated by the curriculum. The connection to Apartheid is also examined, and participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and strategies in dealing with prejudice.

Our Educator Training workshops last for 8 hours, and can either be arranged as one full day or spread over a number of afternoons. They can take place at our centre, or can be held at local district centres.

"It stimulated my thinking, wanting to know more about the importance of responsible leaders."
"I think that facilitators must always do this kind of workshop to empower educators, and to resurrect the love of History."

"I will now be more excited to teach certain topics. The sources in the book are amazing!"


All of our workshops have been officially endorsed by the South African Council of Educators (SACE). Every educator attending a full workshop will earn 10 professional development points. All of our participants also receive a personal copy of our expertly-produced educator materials to use in their lessons and work. This includes a resource pack, featuring an Educator’s Resource Manual of worksheets and exercises, and a learner’s interactive book. It also includes a DVD featuring a film about the history of the Holocaust, as well as recorded testimonies from survivors. The programme is supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

Booking & Enquiries

Please contact or call +27-11-640-3100.